“Suraj Murdered Jiah Khan, I Have Proof” Says Rabiya

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Jiah Khan, the Bollywood starlet whose suicide last month made news around the world, is back in the spotlight today thanks to a series of somewhat unhinged tweets by her mother (and manager) Rabiya.

http://www.pinkvilla.com/files/imagecache/ContentPreview/rabya.pngIn the tweets Rabiya Khan denies that her daughter committed suicide and instead points the finger at her ex-boyfriend Suraj Pancholi. Pancholi has already spent several weeks being held by the Mumbai police while under investigation for abetting Jiah’s suicide, but no charges were ever made in regards to him having any direct involvement in her actual death. Pancholi was not present at the time of Jiah Khan’s death.

Jiah left a disturbing letter behind in which she claimed that she had been physically and verbally abused by Suraj, that he had raped her, and that he had forced her to abort their child. Rabiya Khan released these letters shortly after her daughter’s suicide.

Rabiya Khan has exhibited obsessive and distraught behavior (which is only natural, of course) since her daughter was found hanged in her Mumbai flat. But this week she made fresh claims concerning the incident.

“When he did not love her then why hit her abuse her rape her and then kill her”

“He killed her I have proof”

“Every one pls note she never killed herself no investigation declared that she commuted suicide”

Rabiya’s tweets become even more unhinged–she labels someone who disagrees with her as “a lesbian” and accuses another critic of being her daughter’s killer. The woman has clearly become unstable since Jiah’s death, and it’s doubtful that Suraj Pancholi has anything to fear from her deranged accusations.

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