Surfer stood on shark? Doug Niblack’s Amazing Story

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Surfer Doug Niblack says he momentarily stood on the back of a shark after losing his longboard while surfing. Yes, the young surfer is claiming to have surfed on the back of an actual killer shark! Niblack’s story isn’t glamorized though; it just is what it is.

The surfer had been surfing for awhile when he decided to catch one last wave before heading to work. However, his finale attempt ended up with him on the back of a shark! Niblack said, “It was pretty terrifying just seeing the shape emerge out of nothing and just being under me. And the fin coming out of the water. It was just like the movies. I’m just screaming bloody murder. I’m just yelling, ‘Shark!’ I thought for sure I was gone.”

Coast Guard member Jake Marks said even though he didn’t see the shark in the area, he saw Niblack standing up, ontop of moving water. Marks said, “I have no reason to doubt there was a shark out there. With the damage to his board, the way he was yelling and trembling afterwards — there is no other explanation for that.”

The surfer continued detailing his adventure by saying, “When I put my hands down on it, it felt rubbery like Neoprene, like a wetsuit. There was a moment there when everything was going on, I just kind of made my peace. I honestly thought I was going to die. Then paddling back in, I was praying the whole time. Like, ‘Don’t let it be following me.’ I’ll definitely go back out. It’s just the surf sucks right now. I’ll wait ’til that gets better, then go back out.”

Doug Niblack has experienced something so few surfers have. He stood on top of a shark and survived! How many of the most excellent surfers can make such a claim? Niblack may not be winning any major surfing competitions soon but its doubtful any of those who do win metals will have an exciting a tale to tell to their grandchildren one day. Who’s the real winner?

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