Surfing: Hawaii’s New Official High School Sport

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Surfing is very popular in Hawaii. Tourists travel to the islands for some of the best surfing in the world. Surfing pros know that Hawaii is the place to be for world-class competitions. Since Hawaii is considered the birthplace of board riding, it makes sense that it becomes an official high school sport.

Starting in 2013 high school students can choose from football, baseball, volleyball and surfing. Let’s remember that surfing is an integral part of life in Hawaii. Surfing as a sport wouldn’t work in places such as Arizona or Ohio. But in Hawaii, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and waves that bring surfers from far and wide, surfing fits in as a high school sport.

Kids grow up learning the sport of surfing in Hawaii. It is a part of life and with it now being recognized as an official sport, it will give students something else to shoot for. Not every student wants to be on the football or baseball team. This opens up a new avenue for many students.

There is a lot to be done before 2013 when surfing is a recognized high school sport, according to ABC. Judging will be done according to pro competitions and there will be individual boys and girls championships.

How many kids will beg their parents to move to the Aloha state in 2013 so that they can participate in surfing as a high school sport? Get your boards ready, surf’s up!

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