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So my best friend&&sister is going to have surgery over spring break. Usually for spring break I am in North Carolina or Atlanta with my family.

but, Now I have decided since my friend has to have surgery and keeps saying she wishes I could be down there with her.I really think I should go back home for spring break. Today I found out my friend has doing a cheerleading stunt when she landed wrong doing a back hand spring, now she has partly dislocated her knee and some other things which at that moment I can't really remember.


I you think that is bad…

While my dad was at work(hes a construction worker) one of his co workers was opperating a big claw crain thingy.I don't know the real name for it. I don't know what my dad was doing exactly but some how. His co worker droped the crain thingy on his hand it smached his hand you can see his bones. So dad too is going to have surgery on his hand.

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