Suri Cruise and the Penis Gummies – Wrong or Fun?

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Suri Cruise was recently spotted toting around some penis-shaped gummies while in NYC. Are these gummies wrong for a nearly 5-year-old to munch or is it not a big deal?

Suri Cruise, the pint-sized product of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise grabbed a box of the adult-oriented snacks when in NYC on Tuesday. As many probably imagined, this has caused some speculation on whether or not this was an appropriate thing for a child her age to be in possession of.

While it’s quite likely that she had absolutely no idea what they really were other than a fruity snack, it still seems a bit inappropriate for her to have them. The likely fact that they are an adult only treat where the person buying them gets carded before being able to complete the purchase only adds to this line of thinking.

OMG International, the company who manufactures the adult-shaped gummies thinks it’s not a big deal if a child nibbles on the phallic-shaped gummies.

“It’s all fun stuff. Nothing hardcore. No harm no foul if a 4-year-old is eating them.”

They go on to say that it doesn’t matter who eats them, so long as they are eaten.

“It does not matter whose hands they fall into as long as they get eaten. They are the same as gummy bears, just a different shape.”

Well, from a business perspective, of course the only thing that matters is that they are eaten. That means money in their pockets. Others are not so sure that’s all that matters. After all the penis gummies in the mouth mimic oral sex to an extent and that is by far not appropriate for a 4-year-old to be doing whether or not she’s aware of this fact.

Others have gone so far as to say Suri should be removed from Tom and Katie’s custody based on this little snack alone. That’s taking it about fifteen steps too far. Yes, this isn’t really appropriate, but it alone is not cause to remove a child from the home. However, it does raise some concerns what else happens behind closed doors that might also not be appropriate.

What do you all think? No harm no foul or disturbing? Weigh in below.

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