Suri Cruise Dons Red Lipstick

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Suri Cruise is quite the fashionista! At just five-years-old, the youngster is proud to have a nice collection of high-heeled shoes and frilly dresses. However “into” fashion the little diva may be, some people don’t agree with her parents’ decision to let her wear what she wants.

Suri was spotLipstick armyted on fashion week Friday wearing red lipstick, naturally making people talk. While it’s one thing to play “dress-up,” it’s another for a child to be out in public with make-up. To be fair, it’s actually kind of cute, and it’s nice that Suri is such a girly girl! There really are two ways to look at this and everyone has a different opinion.

As Us Weekly points out, “This isn’t Suri’s first time playing around with cosmetics. She’s ventured into Sephora with Holmes, 32, on several occasions.” And it certainly won’t be her last. So Suri’s red lipstick was the talk of fashions night out… there are worse things in life.

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