Suri Cruise: Is Katie Holmes Changing Daughter’s Name, Or Not?!

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There have been plenty of Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes rumors spreading the tabloid world since Katie divorced Tom Cruise. The latest tabloid gossip has Suri getting a name change in an apparent attempt to remove her father from her life.

Unfortunately, the only thing that has been removed from Suri Cruise is the truth about her name change. It certainly didn’t take long for the fine people at Gossip Cop to step-up and debunk the myth that Katie Holmes was looking to switch Suri’s last name from Cruise to Holmes.

Gee, the rumors are even saying that Katie may ditch Suri’s entire name, and go with Scout. Talk about a bunch of made-up nonsense. At this point, the only thing that seems safe to say about Suri, Katie, and Tom is that A) Tom and Katie are divorced, B) Tom is no longer wearing a wedding ring, and C) Katie and Suri have moved into a new New York apartment in the same building as Nick Jonas.

For everything else, including Suri Cruise getting a name change, one must consider the source. In this case it is a tabloid looking to sell some extra copies.

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