Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes, Nick Jonas Neighbors! Free Babysitting?!

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Now that Suri Cruise (and mom Katie Holmes) live in the same building as Nick Jonas… is it possible that Nick could hang out with Katie and her daughter? Babysit even?

Okay, so they are neighbors. At least some think that perhaps Suri Cruise and Nick Jonas could be Starbucks buddies or perhaps he could help introduce her to some of his Disney channel friends.

One thing is for sure, since Katie Holmes and Nick Jonas are living in the same building, this could actually work in the Jonas Brother’s favor. Somehow he could actually get more paparazzi coverage than he ever did before. Face it, Nick Jonas isn’t his brother Joe.

Still, if Suri Cruise ever needs a babysitter, at least Katie Holmes can call over to Disney for a quick reference check. Goodness, now that Tom is in the rearview mirror, perhaps Katie will be on the prowl and take Nick up on an offer just to go out on the town.

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