Suri Cruise May Never Grow Up; Katie Holmes Carries Daughter Around NYC

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Either Suri Cruise is a huge brat or her mother Katie Holmes is a huge pushover. Perhaps it is a little bit of both. Whatever the case, six-year-old Suri was seen yet again in Katie’s arms, being toted around New York City.

At some point one has to imagine that Suri Cruise is going to get too big and too old to be picked up and walked around New York. It just seems like every time one turns around, Katie is carrying Suri around like she was a 2-year-old. This time it was into and out of the grocery store (Whole Foods).

The sad thing is that the paparazzi have seen this over and over. It is always the same drill. Katie Holmes tries to put Suri down and her daughter refuses, wanting to be held. Is Suri Cruise afraid of the cameras? Is she shy? Is she just spoiled?

Look, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are more than welcome to parent their daughter how they see fit, but the question is when will Suri actually stand on her own two feet a bit and act like a kindergartener and not a toddler?

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