Suri Cruise Sports a Pacifier – At Nearly Five Years Old!

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Suri Cruise has often been seen as a fashionista, but it’s her latest accessory that’s caused a stir. The adorable little girl was spotted out and about with a pacifier in her mouth and clutching a white teddy bear.

Suri and celeb mommy Katie Holmes were out and about in Vancouver on a cupcake run, when the photos of her were shot. Often criticized for growing up too fast, Suri has taken a step backward from the lipstick-wearing girl the world has seen in the past. The photo of her with her binkie has caused quite the stream of comments about her age and how she shouldn’t still be using one. Suri is just a month shy of her fifth birthday.

Isn’t she a bit too old to still be attached to a binkie? It makes one wonder if it was even something she wanted. Her eyes show sadness rather than the contentment that a pacifier generally brings to children’s faces.

According to an article out by American Baby, tots should abandon their binkies by their fourth birthday, to avoid dental problems. While there’s no doubt that Suri can afford the best dental care out there, there are doubts about why she hasn’t been weaned from it since last year.

Is she truly too old for a binkie, or should everyone just let her be while she’s still small enough to enjoy the comfort it can bring? Weigh in below.

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