Suri Cruise Throws Giant Temper Tantrum, Gets Sucker and Toy

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Yes, even 5-year-old Suri Cruise knows how to throw herself a giant tantrum. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have to endure what other parents of pre-schoolers endure. Of course, this famous couple also has to see their child’s antics in the headlines.

Suri Cruise Throws Giant Temper Tantrum, Gets Sucker and ToyFor her temper tantrum efforts, Suri Cruise got a sucker and a new toy. Obviously, most parents try not to give in and do these types of things, but occasionally it happens. In fact, imagine how much more pressure would be on if the entire world was looking at what your child was doing. Many parents feel that the whole world is looking when their child acts out, but in Tom and Katie’s case that is absolutely their reality.

While it would have been better not to give in to Suri Cruise during the tantrum, it’s understandable why they did. Every parent has done it at some point. It’s somewhat comforting to know that even celebrities have to deal with their 5-year-olds and their embarrassing antics. To expect them not to would be Mission Impossible no doubt.

Have you seen the pictures of her tantrum over the weekend? Have you seen your own child doing the same thing?

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