Suri Cruise to Get $24,000 Gift for Christmas

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Katie Holmes is getting Suri Cruise a $24,000 Christmas gift. What on earth is this mother getting her little girl that could possibly cost so much?

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Suri is getting her very own house—play house, that is.

It seems this is a pSuri Cruise | TR - Chelsea, New Yorklay house unlike anything most people have ever seen. It comes replete with a media room, an eat-in kitchen, a sunroom, an intercom that functions throughout the play house and a garage. Katie is also getting Suri a Mercedes—toy, of course—to take up space in the play house garage.

Called a Grand Victorian Luxury Playhouse, the structure was created by a professional designer and builder. Where do you think it’s going to go? Don’t Katie and Suri live in a New York City apartment? Does it have a large yard as well?

You can check out a photo of a play house just like the one Suri is getting for Christmas by clicking on the New York Daily News link above.

What do you think Tom Cruise will buy his 6-year-old daughter? Will he shell out big bucks in an attempt to one-up Mom’s extravagant purchase?

Katie Holmes didn’t stop with the play house and Mercedes either. She also bought Suri an iPad, a fur coat and a red Ralph Lauren dress—spending more than $45,000 on the little girl.

Isn’t it a bit ridiculous to spend this kind of money on a child Suri Cruise’s age? What kind of expectations will she have when next Christmas rolls around? Is Katie trying to make up for divorcing Tom Cruise? Is she feeling guilty that Suri is growing up without her dad around?

It seems what Katie Holmes may be doing is creating a monster. Just imagine the demands this child will have on Christmas and birthdays in the coming years!

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