Suri Cruise Wears Heels and Fur for Night Out

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Suri Cruise was seen out last night wearing heels and a fur coat. Many parents would be shocked at the way that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes allow their daughter to dress at the young age of five. What do you think of her wardrobe?

Tom and Katie took their daughter Suri to the Big Apple Circus’ DREAM BIG show at Lincoln Center. Pictures of Suri Cruise show her wearing gold shoes that strap in the back. They have a heel on them higher than most people would put on a child. She is also wearing a brown fur coat and a pink dress made of satin. She looks adorable, but a bit too grown up for a five-year-old child.

There is a good chance that Suri could become victim to a fall from these shoes. It is unknown if she is wearing real or fake fur, but the backlash from wearing real fur is not something that a child is prepared to deal with from fans that see her out on the town. Would you allow your child to wear this outfit?

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