Suri Cruise’s Extravagant Christmas Wish List

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Suri Cruise has an extravagant shopping list this year for the holidays. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is hoping for over $100,000 in presents under her tree.

Katie and Tom have been questioned for their parenting skills ever since they had Suri five years ago. She was recently seen out wearing high heels and a fur coat. Now fans are shocked at what they plan to buy her for Christmas this year.

A family friend spoke with In Touch magazine and said that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes plan to get their daughter everything on her list. She wants a $100,000 pony, $15,000 diamond stud earrings, and a $1,500 custom designed princess gown. It sounds like little Suri Cruise will be getting everything that she wants this year.

Are you shocked that her parents will spend this much on her? If they are buying a pony, they will also have to pay someone to help take care of it and pay for a place to store the animal. Money is not a problem for this family, but at the same time they need to teach their daughter that she can’t have everything she wants in life.

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