Surrender- GWE- 6/19/2013

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The fortress of my mind captures only air.
Ere I surrender myself to its pressures.  
I must report to the page my conscience,
only the matters of life, death, and love.
To dusk the sun draws nigh, and alone,
To sit in the night watching the cat’s eye.
To humble myself to a lesser as of late.
As of the present do I need it most.
I shun merriment to only welcome scorn . 
The presence of my soul must remain truant while in this state.

I confiscate from myself the logic of reason,
Finding myself confined to a thought in mind.
I do not desire simplicity as I do conceit.
For conceit is something I know not of.
I long for such complexity within manipulation.
Having loss my many moments in the depths of one another,
I was destined to find that every  thought had turned  on me in time.
Anguish and anger now making its way to heir the throne —
Flaunting its rank, but I am hardly able to hide a smile.
Alas, I unwind in my sullen seat that occupies such a life in defeat.
Alone am I, prisoner for such a crime,
I know that I am not guilty for.
I seem to relax in the midst of my departure from my palace.
silence quiets and rids me of any evil act.
So try not another thought.
Slumber shall seize me soon
Good bye waking world! We’ll rendezvous on the morrow,
Awakening to the day anew.
In the early hours my mind shall recollect.
The fragments of today’s endeavors; look upon’t and sudden.
Then request leave of me once more.
Then I shall take the day’s dose and start o’er
: Your challenge is to write a story or poem on calamity or disaster or sabotage (or all of them).

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