Surveillance Drone Filmed Over Suburban Chicago Soccer Field

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During a youth soccer game Saturday in Elgin, Ill., a bystander captured footage of a surveillance drone flying over the playing field in full view of everyone.

Presumably, the unmanned vehicle was there in preparation for this weekend’s NATO summit in Chicago, approximately 40 miles away. The topic of drone surveillance is lately on the minds of civil libertarians, who are concerned about a proposed federal law allowing the remote-controlled vehicles to patrol the skies over the United States beginning in 2015.

Saturday’s video is amateurish, yet it doesn’t look like a fake. However, there is some excessive panning, and the sky gets a bit cloudier at about the eight-second mark. Watch the footage and decide for yourself.

The surveillance drone, which resembled a MQ-1 Predator, was traveling at an extremely low altitude, so it may have been descending for a landing at nearby Olson Airport.

Americans ought to be alarmed at thought of unmanned aircraft in the skies overhead. If there is a proliferation of these vehicles in the U.S., it will mean unfettered access to the private lives of ordinary citizens.

Indeed, the government needs to provide safety for the NATO leaders at the summit. Protestors are planning massive demonstrations, but using surveillance drones to spy on civilians is going much too far.

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