Survivor: Fans Vs. Favorites Recap 2/21/07

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Last week on Survivor . . . . . Joel & Mikey battled for power within the Fan team.  And Cerie was left the odd woman out of the 2 alliances at the Favorites camp.  The Favorites team won immunity and Mary was blindsided and sent home from the Fan’s team.


The Fans team made their way home from Tribal and Mikey believed that Joel was the one who took control away from him.  He confronted Joel about his bad decision but Joel did not seem to care. 

The Favorites team alliance of couples tried to get Eliza on their side by telling her they wanted Jonathon out first, then Yau-Man and then Cerie.  Trying to get her and Amy to trust them.  Eliza, of course, immediately went and told her alliance and Cerie (who is still without an alliance) what the other group said.

Tree mail brought news of the newest challenge for reward.  The tribes each got to choose three items for their reward.  Then decorated themselves with war paint to prepare for ‘battle’.   Some tribe members had some scary war paint faces.  Very detailed.  The challenge involved getting 3 of their own and 2 of the opposing teams sand bags into their own end zone.  Bags were allowed to be stolen from the end zones.  It was a very physical challenge with the Favorites taking an early 3 to 1 lead over the Fans.  The Fans were the first to steal a bag from the end zone.  The game was then tied.  Each team had one of their strongest members (Joel from the fans & James from the favorites) stay in the end zone to protect it and prevent stealing until James got upset that they threw Amanda around and left his end zone unprotected.  The Fans ultimately won the challenge and sent 1 member (Kathleen) from their tribe and 1 member (Amy) from the Favorites tribe to Exile Island.  The Fans chose shelter, a lighting kit, and a survival kit.  Looks like they made pretty good choices to help them out.  We will have to see if it works out for them.

Back at the Favorites Camp. . . . .  Eliza was telling stories about the challenge and the fans team.  And Cerie was feeling left out of things because she still didn’t have an alliance.   Cerie was wondering why people weren’t trying harder to get her on their side.   Cerie went fishing with Parvarti & Amanda and appeared to be trying to make a side all girl alliance.  On the beach, Eliza was getting nervous watching the girls on the boat.  But Jonathon told her not to worry.  They planned on talking to her once she got back.

On Exile Island. . .   Kathleen and Amy searched for the next immunity idol.  Amy couldn’t figure out the clues and Kathleen was too tired to island hop this week.  The immunity idol was never found.

The Fans had a rough night with the weather and woke up not feeling so hot.  Some of them got no sleep at all.  Guess they got their first taste of what it’s like to be on Survivor :)

After the rough night, it was time for the immunity challenge with both girls returning from Exile Island to participate.  It was some type of basket ball challenge with 4 team members (2 guys 2 girls) holding the nets while the rest of the other team got to throw coconuts into the basket.  The goal was to make the other team drop their net.  It was slow going at first with only one person getting a coconut in.  Once they figured it out, the coconuts went in the baskets a lot quicker.  The Favorites took an early lead in this challenge too.  Looks like an early lead is a big jinx for the Favorites because they lost another challenge.  The Favorites went to their 2nd Tribal Council.

The Favorites were not happy they lost the challenge and now had to figure out who to vote out.  The Jonathon alliance seemed to be targeting James or Parvati while the couple alliance wanted to target Yau-Man.   It appeared that Cerie wanted to target Jonathon and would join the couple alliance if they voted him out.   At some point, Cerie decided Yau-Man would be the better choice for evicition.  Jonathon walked up on their strategy plan and worked real hard to convince Cerie to vote with them.  He seemed pretty desperate.   After much confusion and plan making, the Jonathon alliance of 4 wanted to stay strong and vote out Parvati.  The couple alliance seemed unable to make up their mind on who to vote out.

At Tribal Council, Cerie still hadn’t figured out which side she was going to vote with.  Although it appeared she would be going against Jonathon.  Who called her out in front of everybody.  Cerie and Jonathon continued to argue at Tribal for quite a while.  James & Ozzy looked a little upset throughout this.  Even Parvati wanted it to end.  It was then time to vote. As Jeff counted the votes, Cerie received 1 vote.  Parvati got 2 votes.  And Yau-Man was sent home with 5 votes.  The last vote was never read.   I think Yau-Man was a little surprised to be the one voted out. 

And next week on Survivor . . . .  Jonathon & Cerie continue their conflict as do Joel & Mikey.  Exile Island promises to be one that should not be missed.

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