Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites

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In 20 days the new Survivor will start.  I am definitely looking forward to the 16th season of Survivor as it proves to have much more potential than last season which was only made enjoyable by the Survior Chats held here on Gather :)  I met some great people (Amanda, Bundy, Sue, just to name a few) during those chats and cannot wait until the new season starts. 

This season will also be slightly different in the fact that it will be a Fans vs. Favorites season.  Two teams of 10 people each will vie to see who is the better Survior; the Fans or the Favorites. All the fans have watched every episode of every season and claim to know the game better than those who have played it before.  The fan players include: a motivational speaker, a pharmacy customer service/pagent coach, an art student, a gymnastics coach/student, a firefighter, a golf course concessions person, a real estate/financial company owner, an aspiring writer/actor, a bartender/personal trainer, and a commercial and residential builder.

The returning favorites include:

  1. Amanda – Survior: China
  2. Ami – Survivor: Vanuatu
  3. Cirie – Survivor: Panama – Exile Island
  4. Eliza – Survivor: Vanuatu
  5. James – Survior: China
  6. Jonathan – Survivor: Cook Islands
  7. Jonny Fairlplay – Survivor: Pearl Islands
  8. Ozzy – Survivor: Cook Islands
  9. Parvati – Survivor: Cook Islands
  10. Yau-Man – Survivor: Fiji

Looks like a good bunch of people.  I know many are very happy that James (Survivor: China) is back for this season, but I am happy that Ozzy (Survivor: Cook Islands) is back.  I had really wanted him to win that season and he did not.   I am very glad, though, that no past winners are among this list.  It should definitely be an interesting season and I am wondering how long Jonathan or Jonny Fairplay will last with people knowing how they played the game the first time around.  I can’t imagine they will be there very long, but than again you never know!  Who is your favorite returning player??  Which side do you think has the advantage Fans or Favorities?? What are your thoughts?? 


Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites premieres Thursday, February 7, 8pm et/pt.  Go to to watch the preview.

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