‘Survivor: One World’ Recap: A Bunch of Idiots

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This week’s episode of Survivor: One World proved to be full of surprises. The Salani tribe is feeling pretty darn good but they can’t imagine why the men were so dumb as to give them the immunity idol which kept them at seven members. The women are ready for another day.

The reward challenge comes with an unexpected twist. They are mixing it up. There will no longer be men v. women. As both tribes drop their buffs, Jeff tells them to grab an egg from the basket and smash it against their bodies. Whatever color they come up with will be their new tribe. It was a very unusual way to switch it up but then again, it is something new andEmmys 2009 different to try. Blue represents Salani and orange will be the Manono tribe. Salani consists of Michael, Jay, Kat, Troyzan, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina. Colton, Alicia, Christina, Monica, Tarzan, Leif and Jonas are now on the new Manono tribe. Colton is not happy with the change because he says that Salani has the most muscle. He doesn’t think that they will win any challenges.

This reward challenge will have the teams grab a bucket full of holes that they will have to fill with water, carry it over as they try to keep water from coming out of the holes and dump it into a water tower. The first team to fill it and raises their flag wins. The reward consists of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and coffee. In addition, the winning tribe gets to stay at the original camp. The losing tribe will have to set up a new camp elsewhere.

Manono started out with Leif, Monica, Tarzan and Jonas. Monica falls twice which costs them some time. Salani has Kim, Troyzan, Michael and Jay up first. They took their time and did quite well. That strategy worked well for Salani as they ended up loading just enough water to raise their flag and win this reward challenge. They get to eat some protein and are able to stay put in the existing camp. When Jeff asked the Manono how they felt, Colton once again spoke out calling the other tribe Greek Gods and themselves peasants. Unfortunately for them, they are given a map to their new home.

As Manono is setting up their new camp, Colton is working on the girls on his tribe trying to get them to put their complete trust in him. Back at the old camp, Salani is living it up with their reward. Plus they end up catching a few crabs and a rooster for some additional food. They are living high right now. A new alliance has formed with Kim, Chelsea, Troyzan and Jay. Kim goes in search of the hidden immunity idol and ends up finding it in a tree on the beach. She decides to share her good fortune with Chelsea whom she trusts completely. The two women now share a huge bond.

Meanwhile, instead of helping to build the shelter, Colton is running around talking to the women. He tells Jonas that he wants to vote Christina off first. Alicia doesn’t care if it is Christina or Monica, as long as it isn’t her. However, Colton changes his mind and now wants to vote Monica off first because she is a bigger threat and has more friends in the game than Christina does. Alicia reluctantly agrees but warns Colton to not ever betray her. Will Alicia have a surprise later down the road?

This week’s Survivor: One World immunity challenge has three members that will get the ball in the water and rush to throw it into the basket while the other tribe members will try to stop them. Michael scores first for Salani and then once again scores a second time. Leif sure gave it his all in that round but not enough. The next round has Monica that finally scores for Manono after much brawling. However, it wasn’t enough as Salani wins after they get the last point. Colton held on for as long as he could but missed the basket sending his team to tribal council.

Colton talks everyone into voting for Monica except for Christina who will be voting for Tarzan. Jonas still doesn’t trust Leif so he tells him to also vote for Tarzan. The plan is all set. Colton is still the leader as he says to the camera, “It’s hard being the leader of a bunch of idiots.” It will be interesting to hear what his tribe members have to say about this statement at the finale.

At tribal, Jeff asks how it is going with the Manono tribe as Colton does his eye rolling thing he always does. Alicia builds Monica up as a strong member but then says that she is also seen as a threat. Jeff is also impressed with Tarzan’s extraordinary vocabulary. Tarzan then admits that his memory on remembering names is not so good, which is why Colton was a bit worried whether Tarzan would remember to write Monica’s name down.

After the votes are counted, Jeff announces that Monica is the fifth person booted out of Survivor: One World. Both Christina and Monica were stunned that they got blindsided this week.

Catch next week’s episode to find out what Christina has to say about all of this.

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