‘Survivor: Philippines’ Episode 6 Recap: Down and Dirty

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This week on Survivor: Philippines, Katie is feeling vulnerable now that another female has been kicked out of the tribe. Katie and Denise both think that Jonathan has the idol, so they agree that he has to go somehow.

At the Tandang camp, the rice supply is getting extremely low and Pete blames Mike for it. He says that Mike is useless and needs to go home. Artis says that Mike has literally eaten them out of house and home.

The reward challenge this week proves to be a downright dirty job. Three tribe members will be pushing a huge ball through mud, while three members of the other tribe tries to prevent them from scoring. The first team to score three points wins the reward, which is a trip to aTree hanging complete feast of sandwiches, chips and brownies to feast on. RC and Artis decide to sit out. It is Lisa, Pete and Michael for Tandang against Denise, Jonathan and Carter for Kalabaw. Things get physical when Lisa goes after Denise and pins her down while the guys do the same to each other. It’s at a standstill as noone will give in and it stays this way for an hour. This is when Michael and Jonathan start bargaining for food. Mike says that they can have the reward in exchange for all of Kalabaw’s rice. Artis is not having it as he wants to win the challenge. Abi-Maria agrees. They tell Mike to do whatever he wants to. It looks like the guys have an agreement. Jeff Probst tells both tribes that he hopes the deal was worth it.

As Kalabaw arrives to their picnic, they find subs, chips, brownies and soda waiting for them. They don’t waste any time digging in. Jonathan also spots some envelopes on the table which turns out to be letters from home. This Is their first communication from their families. Denise says that the letters are well worth losing all of their rice.

Back at Tandang, Artis is not happy and won’t talk about it. He did say that he applauds Penner for the deal he made because he would have done the same thing. However, he is very unhappy with Skupin. Abi-Maria feels the same way that they should not have given up their challenge. RC went and told Mike how the tribe members feel. He said that they never said not to take the deal.

Kalabaw is back at camp and they are hungry the next morning. Carter is frustrated because he is starving and he is not sure how long he will last. Everyone else is complaining, too. Katie says that the rice gave them immediate energy and now she regrets giving away their rice. Jonathan goes out fishing but only brings back two very tiny fish. Not only that, but they have no fire, so they have to eat the fish raw.

For this week’s immunity challenge, the castaways will launch balls out into the field while the others try to catch them to earn points for their tribe. The first tribe to earn five points will win immunity. Lisa is the launcher for Tandang and Denise flings the balls for Kalabaw. Jonathan catches the first one. Jeff Kent shows off his baseball skills as he starts catching the balls. However, Lisa starts launching to Malcolm who came back to win the immunity challenge for Tandang.

Back at camp, Kalabaw starts strategizing on who should get voted off. Jeff wants to go after Jonathan, but Carter thinks that he should be kept around. He thinks that Jonathan would be less likely to win the game because most people don’t want a returning castaway to win. Jonathan wants Katie gone, but he tells Katie that they are voting for Denise. This gets Katie a little suspicious. Jeff and Carter are still undecided but Jonathan tells them that everything will be okay. He doesn’t seem too worried.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst asked the tribe who is worried about the vote. Denise and Katie both raised their hands. Penner says he wants to give the impression of being confident so he won’t raise his hand. They all discuss the fact that every vote will be a blindside because they all like each other at this point. Jeff Kent says that the game of Survivor just sucks because you vote for people you like. Will it be Jonathan or Katie that gets voted out this week? Jeff Probst reads the votes.

It looks like Katie got blindsided this time as she becomes the seventh person voted out of Survivor: Philippines.

Stay tuned to see who gets blindsided next on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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