‘Survivor: Philippines’ Recap: Create a Little Chaos

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This week on Survivor: Philippines, the Matsing tribe is dwindling fast after Angie was ousted last week. They are down to three left. On day 9, rain is pouring down and Malcolm is a little cold without his cuddle bunny to keep him warm. Russell suggests that they make the greatest comeback ever, but do they have it in them to do just that?

Over at Tandang, the rain is getting to them, too. They try making fire but that faded out. Abi-Maria looks over and sees the clue out in plain sight so she points it out to RC in front of everyone. RC is forced to read the clue in front of the tribe. Abi said that she didn’t plant it there. Pete admitted to the camera that he was the one that did the dirty deed, just to create some chaos among his tribe. It seemed to work pretty well.

At the Kalabaw camp, Jeff and Jonathan seem to hit it off and form an alliance. Carter also aligned with the two guys while the girls are off by themselves fishing. They know that the guysSandari Batulao have aligned together, so they decide to hang on until the merge and then try to form a female alliance with the other two tribes.

Back at Matsing, Russell is trying to hunt down the idol but he is not having much luck. He is so close but still couldn’t see it even though it is out in plain sight. Denise walks up and sees Russell on his hands and knees, but she thinks he was trying to hide the idol. She runs off to tell Malcolm about it. They decide to go through his bag to see if they can find it. Malcolm said that he doesn’t feel bad about it either. Of course, they never found the idol because it is still sitting on top of the box of rice. Denise and Malcolm talk about blindsiding Russell at their next tribal.

At Tandang, RC and Abi are still at odds. RC wants to talk but Abi doesn’t want to talk to her. Pete doesn’t trust RC at all and wouldn’t mind getting rid of her. Lisa is kind of loving all the chaos that Pete has caused so far. She says, “My energy is going to go into blowing a little oxygen on some fire over here and let them flame out for me. So that I don’t have to take the heat.” She might be playing it smart for now.

For this week’s immunity challenge, the teams have to carry two heavy pots of rice on a bamboo pole across some obstacles to collect all six pots. They will then have to smash all six pots using a swinging wrecking ball. The reward this time for the first winning tribe will be a steak with some veggies and spices to make a great meal. The second winning tribe will get a few veggies, salt and pepper. Malcolm starts out flying through the obstacles as Carter struggles through. Tandang eventually takes the lead and wins first. It is down to Matsing and Kalabow to win second as Malcolm and Jeff are left to fight it out. Malcolm tries his hardest but in the end, Jeff broke the last pot first. Kalabow wins immunity, leaving Matsing heading to tribal council for the fourth straight time.

Russell flies off the handle again as he smashes pots and rambles his anger off to God. When Jeff told him that he is just a human being, Russell tells him that he is made perfect and is expected to be excellent in all he does. This leaves Jeff kind of speechless as he tells them that he will see them at tribal.

Back at the Matsing camp, Russell tells Denise the story of him getting beaten up when he was young, and then going back and punching the kid in the face. He told her that he will not cower in the face of anything. However, Denise and Malcolm strategize to vote for Russell but then to let Russell think he is the swing vote and then blindside him. None of them know what will happen as they head to tribal council.

At tribal council, Russell explains to Jeff Probst that he expects excellence in himself and will always do his best. Jeff asks each tribe member why they should stay in the game. Denise says she is strong, Malcom says that he has more pep in his step, which means he is younger than the other two, and he has physical asset. Russell told Jeff that he can still compete and he also plays the social game. Both of the guys think that Denise would be handed over the money because she is so likeable. They had nothing but good things to say about her. The three placed their votes and in the end, Russell became the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Philippines.

Next week, it looks like another medical emergency, but who will it be this time? Does Mike Skupin get himself into another pickle? Stay tuned!

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