‘Survivor: Philippines’ Recap: Got My Swag Back

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This week on Survivor: Philippines, the Matsing tribe is now down to two after Russell got sent home on the last episode. Malcolm and Denise right away start hunting for the immunity idol since they realized that Russell never found it. They were just about ready to give up when the idol fell off the top of the box of rice unexpectedly. The idol is now in Malcolm’s hand.

At the first reward challenge, the others get their first look at the new Matsing tribe. However, this tribe is no more as Jeff Probst tells Denise and Malcolm to drop their buffs. Denise joins the Kalabaw tribe and Malcolm heads over to Tandang. There are now two tribes competing.

Now for the reward challenge, two tribe members will try to knock Panay, Philippines - jungle trip with Charliethe others’ idol off a pedestal. The team that gets to five points first wins the reward. They will get coffee, tea, biscuits and cookies. Jeff scores the first point for Kalabaw while Malcolm ends up winning the final point to make the Tandang tribe the winners of this challenge. Jonathan said that he wished they had Malcolm on their tribe instead of Denise because they would be taking back cookies and coffee right now.

Back at Tandang, Lisa said that Malcolm brought some welcome energy to their tribe. Everyone seems to love him. Malcolm said that he feels like a football star and that he has got his swag back. RC isn’t too happy as she wanted Denise instead of Malcolm so she could click with another female. She is on her own at the moment. She mentions being bullied while growing up and having Malcolm join the clique has brought out those feelings of being left out once again. Pete is especially happy with Malcolm and is now talking about getting rid of Mike.

Back at Kalabaw, Denise is trying to blend in and prove herself. It is pouring rain once again as the tribe members shiver in the cold. Dana starts getting sick. She is dizzy, nauseous and she starts throwing up. She eventually gets severe pain in her stomach. Dawson checks on her and says she is burning up. Jeff Probst shows up with medical personnel. They tell Jeff that her condition is not life threatening, that they would check back with her in 12 hours to see how she is doing. Jeff tells Dana that it is now her decision on what to do. She says that she can’t be sick out there anymore. Her tribe members come out to say goodbye as she is taken out of the game and becomes the fifth person out of this season’s game. Katie mentions that she just lost her ally.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They must race through an obstacle course to grab pieces to solve a word puzzle. Katie is having trouble right away getting through the course, but her team pulls her through, but gets them behind. Tandang makes it to the drawbridge first. It is Lisa and Pete to solve the puzzle while Jonathan and Dawson work on it for their tribe. Tandang ends up solving the puzzle first by just 5 seconds. It will be Kalabaw’s first time at tribal council, except for Denise, of course.

Back at camp, Katie said she was embarrassed by how she did in the challenge. Denise starts strategizing with Jeff. He says that she is stronger and has more smarts than Katie and Dawson. The guys decide on voting out either Dawson or Katie. Dawson is playing with Jeff as she starts talking about sports. She is the only one that knows Jeff is a former pro baseball player. She loves taunting him.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst starts out by talking about Dana being taken out. Dawson says how hard that was to see her so sick and having her leave the game. Jonathan then said if Dana was still there, they wouldn’t have lost that challenge. This brought the attention to Katie, who isn’t making any excuses about how she did. Jeff asks Dawson why she should stay. She tells Jeff that she brings positivity to the tribe. Will that be enough to save her? Jeff Kent said that he looks at who is the weakest link which could be a factor is how he votes.

It looks like positivity didn’t keep Dawson from being voted out as she became the sixth person out of Survivor: Philippines. She was still taunting Jeff Kent as it looked like she might be spilling the beans on his secret, but she left without saying a word. However, during her exit speech, she said that Jeff owes her big time.

Next week, it looks like things get dirty and personal with some opposing tribe members. What do you think about Dana’s decision to leave the game? Should she have stuck it out?

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