‘Survivor: Philippines’ Recap: Will Matsing Win a Challenge?

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This week on Survivor: Philippines, the Matsing tribe is now down to four members. They are hoping to stay away from tribal council for the first time since coming to the island.

At the Matsing camp, Angie is not happy that Roxy threw her under the bus before she was voted off. She says that everyone knows that she and Malcolm are just friends. Denise and Malcolm scheme to send either Russell or Angie home if they lose another immunity challenge. It looks like Malcolm is over Angie pretty quickly.

Abi-Marie and RC are not getting along now that RC told her about the clue. Abi shared the news with Peter. He goes straight to Lisa and talks to her about blindsiding Mike Skupin. She decides that it is time to play the game and do whatever it takes to get further in the game.

At the Kalabaw camp, the other tribe members now see that the top of the rice box is gone and that Jonathan Penner has the immunity idol. Jeff was mad that he looked right at it and never knew what it was.

At this week’s immunity challenge, the castaways will dive underwater to release puzzle Sandari Batulaowheels to bring back to solve the puzzle. It seems that they are using puzzles at every challenge so far this season. The first winning tribe will get a huge fishing kit along with a canoe and paddles. The second winning tribe will take back a smaller fishing kit. Angie struggles to get the first piece back to the others and Russell had trouble getting back up on the dock…twice! Mike Skupin ended up with a bloody face because he dove face first with a mask on. Kalabaw got all of their pieces first and starts working on the puzzle. Matsing is far behind once again. Kalabaw solved the puzzle first and then Tandang followed suit. Matsing is going back to tribal council.

When they get back to camp, Penner tells Jeff that he does indeed have the idol. They come to an agreement and shake on it, although Jeff said he only gave Penner a four finger shake, whatever that means.

At the Tandang camp, RC, Mike and Lisa go clam digging while Abi-Marie and Peter look for the idol around camp. Abi is excited when she figures out that the top of the rice box is the idol. Will she end up sharing this news with RC eventually or keep it between her and Peter?

Back at the Matsing tribe, Denise and Malcolm strategize while Angie pleads her case to them. She thinks that Russell is the weaker link and that he gave up too easily in the challenge. Meanwhile, Russell is bummed and goes off to pray by himself on the beach.

At tribal council, Jeff asked Denise what she gave up to come here. She mentioned her job and her family that she misses so much. Malcolm talks about the tribe members that were struggling in the immunity challenge. Angie doesn’t think she should go home. She blames Russell because he gave up. Russell says that Angie doesn’t have what it takes to go another 30 days in the game. Angie breaks out in tears at what Russell said. Malcolm said that it comes down to strength and loyalty as far as the vote goes. Which way will they vote? As Jeff reads the votes, it is Angie that is the third person voted off the island.

Next week on Survivor: Philippines, it looks like Matsing is struggling in the immunity challenge for the fourth time. Will they be able to work together to keep from going back to tribal council?

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