‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ Recap—Boston Rob’s Blindside

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It’s just week two on Survivor: Redemption Island, and already Boston Rob is setting up blindsides. He made a bold move early in the game. The people who have never played the game before are afraid to play bold this early, and when they try, they don’t do it right. Yet after four seasons of this game, Boston Rob knows how to do it.

entertainment,tv commentary,tv recapTwo players started week two with very heavy marks on them, Kristina and Phillip. Boston Rob had already been targeting Kristina, just because she proved she knew the game by looking for a clue for the hidden immunity idol early on. Phillip turned on her and Francesca, telling the others Kristina had the idol and that the three of them were planning on voting out Boston Rob. Phillip not only dug a grave for Kristina and Francesca, but he dug one for himself, as well. Francesca was voted off and sent to Redemption Island, leaving Kristina and Phillip with huge targets on their backs.

Boston Rob isn’t one to play it safe, though. Now in his fourth season, he knows this game better than anyone. He had a tight little alliance of six. He knew he was safe, and they knew they were safe with him. He grew uncomfortable, however, with a secondary relationship within his alliance: Andrea and Matt growing very close. They need the strong guys still on their tribe; so that seemed to put a target on Andrea.

The immunity challenge changed all that. Phillip seemed to dig his own hole, even deeper when he insisted on playing the last part of the challenge, hitting the targets with a small ball to break tiles. Ralph was playing very well on the other tribe, and Phillip just wasn’t hitting the targets in the beginning. It seemed to seal his fate until Matt went over and shook the hands of the other tribe. Boston Rob saw that as gameplay. He figured it was too early in the game for that and thought Matt was trying to get on the other tribe’s side for the merge or a possible tribal switch.

Boston Rob set his plan in motion. Everyone but Kristina and Phillip was to vote for them and split their votes between the two. If Kristina played her idol,  Phillip would go to Redemption Island. Rob told three of the others that he really wanted Matt out. Phillip asked him who he should vote for, and he told him he’d let him know right before the vote at Tribal Council. There was no way anyone was going to trust Phillip with the plan again. Rob was going to test him, to see if he should trust him.

Compared to last week, it was a very mild tribal council. Kristina boldly wore her immunity idol, knowing she would have to play it being at the top of everyone’s list. Phillip had more crazy talk as he was talking, comparing himself to a lion and a gorilla. He also said he was looking forward to going to Redemption Island, because he was anxious to see his nemesis, Francesca. The vote went just as Rob had planned, with Matt being voted out with four votes.

Over on the other tribe, Evil Russell was up to his old tricks as well. He talked about Ralph’s stupidity. Little does he know that the guy he thinks is the most stupid person in the game was the person who found the immunity idol without a clue. It wasn’t Russell this time. Russell did find the clue, but he doesn’t have the idol. Ralph saw him take the clue, and called him out in front of the others. This definitely isn’t the last viewers will see of these two going at it on Survivor: Redemption Island.

Redemption Island is going to making these blindsides much more interesting. Before, once players were blindsided, they were out of the game for good. This time, they might come back in the game with redemption as well as revenge on their minds. If Matt comes back in the game, it could make it really interesting. It’s going to make it a whole new game.

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