“Survivor: Redemption Island” Recap – Reunion Yields Game’s Truths

After the Survivor: Redemption Island season finale that saw “Boston Rob” Mariano finally win this game after four seasons and 117 days surviving in total, CBS aired a reunion of all the season’s contestants. Host Jeff Probst followed up, as he normally does, getting to the stories fans have been wanting to hear all season. There was a literal question mark added to Phillip’s occupation in his bio, leading many to wonder if he really was a federal agent. The other burning question was if “Evil Russell” Hantz is finally done with this game or if he, too, wants a fourth crack at it.

entertainment,tv commentary,tv recapPhillip has been saying all season long that he was a federal agent, but some aspects of his game called that into question. Was he really crazy like a fox and a federal agent, just playing the others? Or was he really just crazy? Thankfully, he finally burned that pink underwear, redeeming him somewhat in fans’ eyes, yet still there was the feathers in his headband and the constant chatter about conversations with his Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

Probst interviewed a woman who attended federal agent training with Phillip. She didn’t work with him and couldn’t attest to his actual employment, yet she did know that he completed the training. She found him to be well-prepared as a student, and relayed a story of him having memorized the entire manual before the start of his training. Phillip made claims afterwards that fans on the street absolutely love him and that they have told him he was “brilliant.” The laughter around him makes that statement questionable.

As for Evil Russell, it appears his early departure from the game might not be his last days as a Survivor contestant. He had said before he left that it would be his last time out, yet when Probst pressed him Sunday night, asking if Survivor producers should lose his number, Russell just couldn’t say yes. Additionally, he defended Phillip some, and took Steve to task. As part of the jury, Steve had strong words for Phillip sitting in the final three. Steve had told him he wasn’t a man because of the way he played the game. That bothered Russell, being that Steve had engineered Russell’s elimination by losing the immunity challenge purposefully so that they could vote him out.

While Boston Rob had won the million dollar prize as the Survivor: Redemption Island winner, up for grabs still was the hundred-thousand dollar prize for “Player of the Year.” Fans of the series voted online, and Rob won this as well, edging out Matt with a four percent margin of victory. While Rob was definitely deserving of winning everything this season after controlling the entire game, it would have been nice to see Matt pick up something as well after winning ten of eleven duels.

Sadly, Probst didn’t get a chance to speak with all the contestants. It would have been nice to hear from some of the others to hear their reaction to Rob winning it all. However, fans did find out that Grant is still holding a grudge with Rob and not speaking to him. While a long-distance relationship will not be in the cards for Matt and Andrea, one contestant this season did find love, albeit with a Survivor from a previous season. After he returned from his Survivor stint, David met Carolina from Survivor: Tocantins, and on live TV Sunday night, he proposed to her, and she accepted.

It was all a fitting end to a crazy season with a lot of surprises throughout. Producer Mark Burnett always does a stunning job with the editing to tell a story of the entire season. He had a challenge this time, as he had to leave some questions out there. Had fans been clued in that Rob was going to walk his way to victory lane, fans wouldn’t have continued to watch. He left enough questions out there, with most of it being answered Sunday night.

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