‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ Recap – The Crispy Rice Showdown

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Wednesday night on Survivor: Redemption Island, Phillip had perhaps what was the weakest argument ever in reality TV. He argued over the right to have the “crispy rice” at the bottom of the pan it was cooked in. That would mean those burned bits that get stuck to the pan. There is absolutely no other reason for him to want it than someone was saving it for Boston Rob.

bow of riceSurvivor: Redemption Island producer Mark Burnett always tells a great story with his editing of the show, and this season the story he’s telling of Rob and his minions is a fun one to follow. The story of Rob and his minions includes his archenemy as well, who in this case is the 52-year-old purple underwear-wearing Phillip, who claims to be a Federal agent, and was demanding his share of the crispy rice.

After the rice was cooked up, Rob wasn’t immediately available to eat it. Assumably, he was off filming solitary moments with the camera crew where he does nothing but laugh at Phillip and the others for being so gullible and making his fourth effort at this game a walk in the park. Everyone got their allotment of rice, which Phillip happily ate until he overheard the others saying they were saving the crispy rice from the bottom of the pan for Rob, because they thought he might like that.

It was at that moment Phillip decided he needed that crispy rice. If it was being saved for Rob, then he needed some of it. It was quickly denied. He argued that if rice is being made, then they were all entitled to some. The others argued he had some. But he wanted the crispy rice being saved for Rob, and he knew the others had secretly taken a little of the crispy rice that was being saved.

Understandably, when you have no TV, Internet, or newspapers, you get swallowed up in the game play and competitiveness. Yet even so, arguing for the crispy rice is still weak. All he did was further alienate himself from this tribe. He just falls further into Rob’s ploy of making the others dislike Phillip even more to take the heat off of himself. The more oddball moves Phillip pulls, the more Rob loves it.

Not that alienating Phillip more mattered this week. That tribe was spared yet another possible trip to tribal council. They enjoyed a helicopter trip to a volcano and food other than crispy rice instead. The other tribe had to vote someone out, leaving only two possibilities, Dave or Sarita. After getting their butts kicked again, there was no way they were going to get rid of puzzle champ Dave, especially after Sarita slowed them significantly in the immunity challenge this week. She put up an argument, but she was still voted out, off to face Matt on Redemption Island next week.

Of course, making the right decision for their tribe is going to bite them in the butt next week. The two tribes will see the merge, and the the winner of the Redemption Island duel will rejoin the game. They left Dave in the game, and now he’s not going to be their tribemate, but their competitor. They left the weaker of the two to go fight Matt on Redemption Island. Since this week was a puzzle challenge, next week will most likely be physical, meaning he’ll probably win yet again, so they’ll have both Dave and Matt to contend with, as well as Rob and Grant from the other team.

Being down five to six in team number isn’t going to matter much if Matt rejoins them, as he’s a complete wildcard. Will he go back to the tribe that kicked him out, or will he be looking for revenge? If for some reason Sarita does win the duel and reenter the game, she might pick up again with Ralph, or she might not. Rob thinks they’ll all be targeting him, but he has an immunity idol. He just needs to decide when is the right time to spring it on them.

They all thought they had a lot to contend with looking at David and Sarita, not to mention Stephanie and Krista, but they haven’t even seen what the other tribe puts up with from Phillip. Just wait until they find out the other tribe has the audacity to not share the crispy rice equally.

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