Survivor: Who's Happy That Coach is Gone? Who Will Win?

Alas, the tribe spoke last night and Benjamin "Coach" Wade saw his fire extinguished. I have one word: Yeah!

Coach has really gotten on my nerves throughout this season. I'm tired of his self-glorifying talk, especially given how little he did during the show. The whole dragon slayer stuff just got old quickly. When they first started talking about who was going to Exile Island, I couldn't believe his excuses: his back, his asthma, et al. Where was the dragon slaer then?

I also thought that his "exhaustion" following the immunity challenge was a big show. I wondered why Jeff didn't have him checked by medical. Then, back at camp, I heard that Jeff had asked him if he wanted to be looked at by medical and he said no. Of course not…he didn't want to hear the words "nothing's wrong."

I don't mean for this rant to be so personal, but it's been a while since a Survivor candidate has gotten under my skin this much. To make things worse, he's from the same part of the state that I'm from. The newspaper says that he was fired from his soccer coach because he failed to inform the college that he would be taking off for two months to compete in "Survivor." I guess that proves his arrogance isn't just on the show. He plans on moving to Hollywood…says a lot of people are interested in him.

So, who do you think will win?

I hope J.T. wins, although, to be honest, I wouldn't mind if any of them happened to win. I do think Erin will be the next to go. I think Stephen or J.T. would beat Taj just because she's Mrs. Eddie George (NFL quarterback). I mean…who would want to give her $1 million. I do think J.T. would beat Stephen, although it might be close.

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