Survivors Heroes vs. Villains: Who Got Voted Off This Week (West Coast Spilers)

March Madness gives us a special Wednesday installment of Survivor: Heroes and Villains. (At least we have a new episode this week.)  Just a quick recap of where our tribemates stand. On the (un)heroic team, Tom was voted out last week in keeping with the “Strong Players Must Go” Survivor strategy. James was injured and is now fitted with a knee brace. Meanwhile, ultimate villains Rob and Russell are battling it out on their tribe.

Who got voted off Survivor this week?
From the Villains: Tyson
From the Heroes: James

Here’s how it happened:

The show opens with at the hereos’ camp after Tom was voted out last week. The team is about to implode. But Candace’s wishy-washiness last week about voting against the alliance seems to have been enough to move the target from Colby’s back to her own. Meanwhile, Russell approaches Rob in what I perceived as an effort to start a devil’s alliance. Rob was pretty cold and they both warned each other to “watch your back.” Hmm…doesn’t everyone say that on Survivor?

Next, hottie Jeff has a big surprise. The first challenge is like a mega-challenge with both reward and immunity. And both teams will go to tribal council, so the immunity will be individual. And the reward is great…hot dogs, soft drinks and a show (the chance to sit in on the opposing team’s tribal council!). The challenge itself would be a nightmare for me…one of those ropes courses.

Candace wins immunity for the hero challenge. Boston Rob wins immunity for the villains. Then, the two face off for the reward challenge in a three-level ropes course. Rob wins reward.

Strategically, the challenge put Colby in a bad spot. He actually struggled and I think James even finished ahead of him despite having a huge knee brace. (Given their strategy of voting off strong players, this team may decide to vote off James now.) Back at the camp, Colby basically gives up but the Rupert/JT alliance struggles with voting Colby off while keeping the injured James. This results in a first: James runs a sprint race with J.T. to prove he’s capable of running. JT wins.

Back with the villains, Rob figures out a plan to flush out the immunity idol and either kick off Pavorti and Russell. Russell lobbies for Pavorti to go and even anticipates Rob’s plan. This team heads to Tribal Council first, so they can enjoy their hot dogs without the dread of tribal council.

The ballots are cast. It’s clear some people have strong (very strong) feelings about Russell. Jeff then asks if anyone wants to use the immunity idol and – thanks CBS – we go to commercial break. Well, thanks to Old Spice body wash, we’re back.

Russell stands up and gives a little speech about loyalty and then offers it to Pavorti, who immediately plays it. Imagine the eyes rolling on that one. And then it begins to hit you…Russell has figured this out. After votes are counted and Pavorti is voted out, Russell has one vote, Tyson has two! Tyson apparently fell for Russell’s  ploy back at camp …Russell said that, even  though he hated to , he would be voting for Pavaorti (or however you spell her name).  Tyson does not like that girl, so he fell right into Russell’s trap. In his farewell video, Tyson said it right: he had no one to blame but himself.

So, the heroes come in and really can’t talk because each is just infatuated by the hot dogs and soft drinks being consumed across the council hut by their opponents.

The vote is pretty quick, only five votes counted. The other vote was for Colby. As he hobbles down the steps, he proclaims that he will be good and drunk in five minutes.

Scenes from next week: Survivor returns to its Thursday time slot, and Russell faces the wrath of Rob (or so Mark Burnett tells us.)

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