Susan Boyle is a little Daft / Maybe a lot Daft!

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Susan Boyle was at Heathrow Airport waiting for her plane in the VIP lounge. Suddenly, she stopped a janitor by grabbing his mop.  She starting singing into the mop using obsenities.  She used the mop as if it were a microphone.  She was then asked to cease and desist, but she started screaming.

Recently, Susan Boyle’s debut album was the best selling ablum, but she appears not to handle her new found fame well.  When asked to quiet down she started screaming,”I’ve escaped; I’ve escaped.”

The Britain’s Got Talent Cinderella seems to have lost her slipper or mind as the fairytale goes. This is not the first time Susan Boyle has exhibited signs of mental instability. 

In January of 2009, Susan Boyle was admitted to a hospital for a nervous condition after losing Britain’s Got Talent.  Everyone thought the fame and disappointment was all too much for her, but obviously, it was not the one and only time.

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