Susan Boyle’s 2010 resolution: Scottish Singing Sensation wants her first boyfriend

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Susan Boyle told WENN that she has never had romance – never even been kissed, as a matter of fact – but she expects that to change in the coming year.

Boyle, 48, who boasted a top-selling album after her rise to fame in the U.K.’s Britain’s Got Talent television show, enjoyed a cult-like following due to her mismatched looks and singing voice.

She turned down the chance to participate on a reality dating show, and told Britain’s News of the World newspaper: “I now dream about the perfect man. Women just want the security of a nice man and somebody to love you.”

I don’t know if Boyle has toured yet or not, but is the message here that she doesn’t have groupies lining up at her dressing room door after the show? No way. She’s rich now, I’m sure she won’t have to take the first guy to come along.

Boyle is obviously an easy target. Good for her in now having the chance to go after something that never materialized for her before. A sad commentary that no man was interested in her until she had money and fame. Or perhaps she had absolutely no confidence.


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