Susan Sarandon Calls Pope a Nazi

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Well this is certainly an interesting story. On Saturday it seems actress Susan Sarandon of Dead Man Walking fame called Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi–publicly. What do you suppose this is all about?

According to Radar Online, Sarandon was appearing in Sag Harbor, New York at the Bay Street Theater, where she was discussing how she’d sent a copy of the book on which her film Dead Man Walking was based to the Pope. She was referring to the late Pope John Paul, but in saying so sort of stepped over the line.

“The last one, not this Nazi one we have now,” she said to fellow actor and interviewer Bob Balaban, who clearly disapproved of her statement.

That didn’t Susan Sarandon nació viejastop her from saying it again, however–even after Balaban gently chided her statement.

So why is Susan Sarandon out to badmouth the Pope? She’s certainly not the first celebrity to do so, but this seems to have come out of left field. Sinead O’Connor publicly jabbed Pope John Paul II while she was a musical guest on Saturday Night Live back in 1992. She sang about “child abuse” and “evil” and then ripped up a photo of the Pope on live TV.

Susan Sarandon might be calling the Pope a Nazi because of the child abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church in the past several years. But is this one man truly to blame for what has happened? In fact if you compare the percentage of priests who abused altar boys to those who are genuinely good men, that percentage is pretty small–and the Pope is just one man.

Why do you suppose Susan Sarandon made the powerful statement she did this weekend? Could there be something in her past that has truly angered her about the Catholic Church?

Susan Sarandon is known for her frequent activism for various causes. Do you think she crossed the line this time, however?

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