Susan Sarandon Gets Heat From Jews After Calling Pope a Bad Name!

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Susan Sarandon is probably wishing she could take back her words. The actress is under fire by Jewish groups after calling the Pope a bad word. What did she call him that caused so much controversy?

Susan Sarandon stuck her foot in her mouth when she called the Pope a “Nazi” at the Hampton’s International Film Festival.

It’s probably being made into something larger than it actually is, as is the way with most celebrity stories. But, Sarandon did call the Pope a Nazi and at the time, no one in the room seemed bothered by it.

Apparently, Susan Sarandon was talking about her film Dead Man Walking and how she gave the Pope a book about the death penalty. She wanted to make it clear which Pope she was talking about so she said:

“The last one. Not this Nazi one we have now.”

Meaning she gave the book to Pope John Paul II.

After her remarks, reporters praised her for her work and no one said anything about the comment. However, the Catholic League of America came right out and slammed Susan Sarandon as soon as they heard about it, saying her remarks were “obscene”.

Do you think her remarks were taken out of context? It’s a known fact that Pope Benedict XVI was a member of Hitler’s Youth when Nazi’s ruled Germany, so she was probably just referring to that and not to him being as bad as Hitler.

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