Susan Sarandon says she has been denied access to the White House!

Susan Sarandon says she has been denied access to the White House! SEriously? Why would the White House under any administration want someone like Susan Sarandon at the White House. Sarandon like Michael Moore is a professional activist and trouble maker. Sarandon sees boogie men under her bed.

Who gets their file under the Freedom of Information Act? Only someone with a troubled past, or someone who has reason to worry about it. If you or I went to get our file, we would find blank pages, and if my pages were not blank, they would not be filled with nasty anti-government rhetoric.

Yahoo says:

Here are some of the claims they made on Sunday:

  • Sarandon: “I’ve gotten my [FBI] file twice… I know my phone was tapped. If they’re not surveilling you, then everyone else has cameras on phones.” She added, “I was denied security clearance to go to the White House [next week], and I don’t know why.”
  • Moore says he was a target of a “disinformation campaign”: “I was told this by some people in the Bush administration. They went bonkers when ‘Fahrenheit’ came out and thought it would throw the election to Kerry.”
  • Sarandon says she has confirmed she was a target of survelliance: “I’ve gotten my file twice under the Freedom of Information Act.”

I find it amusing that Susan Sarandon was denied access to the White House, and I am glad that our presidents are safe from the likes of Ms. Sarandon. Susan Sarandon has nothing better to do with her money than to criticize others. Maybe if she had to work a job, she would have less time to be a political activist.

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