Suspected Drug Kingpin on the ‘Most Wanted’ List Arrested

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After being on the run for seven years, Keith Hasson has finally been arrested. His capture was announced by the U.S. Marshals service on Thursday. Hasson, 45, was placed on the “Most Wanted” list just this month for allegedly running a massive nationwide cocaine and marijuana ring that has generated nearly $20 million in assets.

With that kind of money and reported family ties all around the country, no wonder Hasson has been able to fly under the radar. Is it mainly due to being put on the “Most Wanted” list that led to his arrest? He has earlier arrests for crimes ranging from car theft and possession all the way of to attempted murder. How does anyone remain free with those credentials?

Geoff Shank, acting assistant director of the Investigative Operations Division for the U.S. Marshals Service, said in a written statement:

“Keith Hasson had a long run as a leader of a criminal organization, Thanks to the Marshals and their law enforcement partners, that long run has come to an end.”

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