Suspension Bridges/ a little history

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The most famous Suspension Bridge in the USA – is the Brooklyn Bridge. Designed by John A. Roebling who unfortunately died as the construction was begun[1869].  The Brooklyn Bridge was completed by his son, Washington Roebling  [ 1883].

Brooklyn Bridge

But few people know that John A. Roebling built the identical bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The  John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge was completed in Cincinnati in [1866].  Three years later John A. Roebling started the Booklyn Bridge.

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge-in Cincinnati

So if you are a NEW YORKER  and happen to cross the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge in Cincinnati and get that feeling you had been here before. Do not fight that feeling -  there is a reason for it.

Fun Facts: 
Brooklyn Bridge is  3,460 feet
John A Roebling Suspension Bridge is a little over 1,000 feet

Brooklyn Bridge used a plot of land for its construction that belonged to George & Martha Washington[ 1 Cherry Street]. George Washington had lived there when he was the first President before the United States Capital moved to its present location.
President of the United States who signed the bill for construction of the Brooklyn Bridge was Ulysses S. Grant. Ulysses S. Grant's parents lived in Covington, Kentucky. The John A Roebling Suspension Bridge connected Cincinnati to Covington, Kentucky.
Populations of Cities in 1860's
Brooklyn – approx. 296,000
Cincinnati – approx. 116,000
Convingtion, Ky – approx. 20,000
St. Louis – approx. 77,860
Chicago – approx. 29,963

Brooklyn Bridge

Cincinnati Suspension Bridge

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