Sustainability: Protect Your Garden’s Moisture by Mulching with Grass Clippings

We have more than four acres of lawn, so we generate a lot of grass clippings. Building up the layers slowly to a maximum depth of one-inch allows the grass to dry completely without building up any gasses such as what you’d find in a compost pile.

We don’t have a bagger on our lawn mower so I do have to use a rake. I normally wait until the clippings have had a chance to dry before I start gathering. Then, I gather up my clippings in our lawn wagon and head to the garden.

While the plants are small, I first concentrate on placing the layers of grass clippings around the plants. Once I have that accomplished, I begin spreading the grass between the rows. This helps keep down the weeds as well.

Whether old farmers’ tale or fact, I don’t start using my grass clippings as garden mulch until after the dandelions have disappeared for the season. We don’t add any chemicals to our lawn but I know those fluffy white dandelion heads are actually seeds – I don’t want to add those seeds to my vegetable garden!

By turning our grass clippings into mulch for my garden, I’ve eliminated the need to buy commercial mulch. Plus, I’m slowing evaporation and keeping the moisture in the ground, lessening the need to water my garden.

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