Swagbucks, Where are You? Swagbucks Down Today

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Swagbucks is a favorite searching site for many. Writers, researchers, students and everyday people use it to search and win SwagBucks toward goodies at the same time. For some reason, the Swagbucks website wasn’t loading up earlier today.


Swagbucks Tops Google


Google is the search engine with extensive results. A persual of Google trends revealed everyone is looking for Swagbucks. Unable to reach the website, I searched for Swagbucks but still could not linke to the site. Is that what everyone else is doing?


What is Swagbucks?


Swagbucks is a website where you can win SwagBucks for doing searches. The “bucks” accumulate and can be cashed in for gift cards, electronics and an array of merchandise and offers at Swagbucks.


While often the search results are limited, Swagbucks is a good site for routine searching. Google provides more comprehensive results but there are no point earning opportunities.


What is Happening with Swagbucks?


Are others unable to get through to Swagbucks? Is that why everyone is searching for Swagbucks? Were we all wondering what happened to Swagbucks this afternoon? After trying for about an hour, I am finally able to reach Swagbucks again.


Now able to access the Swagbucks blog, it reads from 8 AM today, “Hey everyone – you may have noticed that Swagbucks.com is currently down. We’re not going anywhere, we’re aware of the problem, and we’ll have the site back up as soon as possible.


No need to panic!”


Whew! Glad to see Swagbucks is back. Businesses and individuals depend on Swagbucks for searching and cool prizes.  If there are any additional problems, at least we know they’re working on them.


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