Swamp People’s Troy Landry To Publish Cookbook

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Swamp People’s Troy Landry will publish a cookbook featuring swampy bayou favorites. For viewers of the History Channel show, Swamp People, the cookbook probably comes as no surprise given Troy’s penchant for throwing down with great food and family.

According to Swamp People’s Troy Landry — the man who puts the “yum” in gumbo — multiple publishers have been approaching him about a book deal since the show premiered in 2010. While Troy’s still weighing his options as to the specific publisher, he has compiled a master list of all his recipes. This list happens to include perhaps his most famous dish, called “Nutria Sauce Piquante“, a gumbo made from a semiaquatic rodent called a nutria (basically an over-sized rat), as TMZ reports.

Hmm, rodent stew anyone…?

Landry says he picked up his special recipes while working at his father’s restaurant as a child. The cookbook will also feature some relatively “normal” recipes, such as deep South chicken and of, course, alligator. Bon appetite on the bayou!

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