‘Sweet Genius’ Recap: Glowing Genius

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This week on Sweet Genius, Victoria, Myrna, Bjorn, Samm are the four new chefs competing for the title of genius and to win the prize money of $10,000. First, they will need to pass three tests in the kitchen to reach that goal.

First up is the chocolate dessert as the chefs will need to use their magic to whip up something great. They will need a little magic because the first mandatory ingredient is split pea soup! The inspiration for this round is a glowing firefly. The chefs have 40 minutes to come up with a yummy dessert, but what about that pea soup? Somehow, these chefs need to make it work. Of course, outfirefly 8823 comes another mandatory ingredient, which is polenta. The chefs shred, chop and fry the polenta. After the time is up, it looks like poor Myrna is in trouble. Her plate is missing quite a bit as she ran out of time to finish everything.

The first taste test has Chef Ron-Ben Israel telling Bjorn that his dessert is like eating a vegetable with chocolate. However, he kind of liked it but then he did not see the fireflies in his dessert. Samm’s dessert also did not have a strong fireflies theme. Chef Ron was disappointed because Myrna’s chocolate dessert was full of fireflies and he liked the taste, but it was incomplete. He was not impressed with Victoria’s dessert. Chef Ron decided to keep Victoria around and send Myrna home.

The next test is candy as the chefs will need to use malted milk powder and a cuddly teddy bear is their inspiration. They will have 50 minutes to complete it. The other mandatory ingredient is sticky rice. Both Victoria and Bjorn made macaroons as part of their candy plate. Bjorn’s macaroons come out cracked while Victoria’s macaroons came out perfect.

For this taste test, Chef Ron noticed that Samm’s gel candy did not gel and looked more like sauce. Victoria composed a panda bear face with the candy elements on her plate. Who was not a genius in this round? Chef Ron sent Bjorn home this time.

The cake test is next as the two girls are left to compete to the end. The mandatory ingredient this time is Japanese super cola candy which is pretty sour. Water is the inspiration. They have 60 minutes to make an extraordinary cake. Grape leaves is the second mandatory ingredient they will need to use.

This final taste test has Chef Ron telling Samm that her cake was delicious. Victoria used the impression of the grape leaves all coated with white chocolate. Chef Ron loved that, however he did not taste any of the cola flavor in her dessert. Who was he most impressed with? Chef Ron chose Samm as this week’s sweet genius and the winner of the $10,000.

Do you have what it takes to make an awesome dessert good enough for Chef Ron-Ben Israel? Auditions are happening for season three soon. You could be the next genius in the world of sweets!

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