‘Sweet Genius’ Recap: Plane Genius

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This week on Sweet Genius, Chef Ron Ben-Israel has Philesha, Charles, Jennifer and Rose competing for the grand prize of $10,000 and the title of the genius of sweets. They will need to create three desserts good enough to please Chef Ron’s taste palette.

The first test is a chocolate dessert. First up is the main ingredient of a canary melon and the inspiration is a model airplane. Chef Ron expects some high-flying desserts from these chefs. Rose had a little trouble with the mixer that wouldn’t shut off. Chef Ron was a little concerned about Rose injuring herself. The next ingredient that rolls out are hot dog buns. Chef Ron1/72 scale Sopwith Camel mentions that he hopes that they don’t just drizzle the chocolate over the buns, however that is just what Charles is doing. What will Chef Ron think about this?

This first taste test, Chef Ron tries Jennifer’s dessert. She created a runway on her plate. The buns taste like French toast and the sauce was too bland. He also could not taste much of the melon flavor. Rose forgot to take the plastic off of the strip of chocolate which may have cost her the competition. Her cake was also a bit crispy. Philesha’s dessert showed passion, Chef Ron told her however, the cooked melon was too soft. Charles did not do much with the melon on his plate. Chef Ron was also reluctant about his hot dog bun creation but after tasting it, Chef Ron thought it was kind of fun. In the end, Rose was sent home.

The candy test is next. The first mandatory ingredient is British vegetable spread. It seems to have a powerful flavor which may be hard to incorporate into candy. The inspiration is a spider web. As the chefs are hard at work, the second ingredient rolls out, which is a star fruit. When the clock stops after this round, Jennifer realizes that she is missing the star fruit and the all-important spider web.

As this taste test begins, Charles also realizes that he didn’t get the spread in his dessert and he does not have the inspiration either. Chef Ron is very disappointed. As he tries Charles’ candy, he has trouble getting the star fruit off the plate. After Charles scrapes it off, Chef Ron said that it tasted quite good. He was very unhappy with Jennifer’s plate. Philesha was the only one that didn’t forget the inspiration, so Chef Ron was happy with her creation. This round, Jennifer was no sweet genius.

The last challenge is the cake test. The mandatory ingredient is mashed potato mix and the inspiration is a knight’s armor. The two remaining chefs have sixty minutes to complete their cakes. In the middle of their chaos, out rolls the second mandatory ingredien—violet mints. They have a very strong floral and minty flavor.

For this last taste test, Philesha made baked Alaska. She told Chef Ron that the inspiration for her was the protection around the cake like the armor. Unfortunately, Chef Ron said that her violet mints had a metallic taste. He did however like the flavor of the cake. Even though Charles’ baked pudding looked like scrambled eggs on his plate, Chef Ron loved the taste. He told the two chefs that they are both very talented and yet, very different, but only one chef can win. For this competition, Chef Ron chose Philesha as the winner this week. She belongs in Chef Ron’s world of sweets!

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