Sweet Music

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Sweet Music

so gently held against my breast

her head upon my shoulder lain

so sleek her skin

how fit her frame

each curve and line

pleasance to my eyes

between my limbs

my love reclines

her back to me



my touch

softly do my fingers

fondle strings

to her heart that beats

yet longs to pound in song to me

she, my muse, inspires

and music rises in my head

sweet notes

incendiary phrase

I touch her where her body thrills

both soft and firm

tender – taut, then rest

begin again






her pleasure sings in harmony to

thoughts I dream

sultry mournful song

resonating in her breast

our music  make

so masterfully

all who hear are borne to where

the angel’s sing

there we love so tenderly

voyeurs all – can’t help but watch

our interplay

though, we don’t see

there’s only she and me

her body gleams

and I upon it play

our glorious



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