Sweet Music

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Sweet Music

I pray my lips amaze

in their silence

as well their singing

I see and love…

breathe into my soul

your scent and savor

crave with my tongue

your sultry flavor

‘tis your salty sweetness

wept that I savor

you are my curse

and salvation I feel

with every sense

your softness sings

in perfect note

your praise

in present tense

your touch and feel

make me reel

as you beguile

all the while

you love and lust

to cease, unjust

to God and this man

we are the plan

we wait to play

a thousand days

or, perhaps, only one

‘til clings your

perfume to my pillow

your heat sensed on my skin

your touch felt on

all of me

our whispers the music

to which we dance



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