‘Switched at Birth’ Recap: The Truth is Revealed

When news got out that Regina knew for years that Bay and Daphne had been switched at birth, the reactions went off like fireworks on this week’s episode.

Daphne discovered the truth that Regina knew about the switch when she finally got the guitar case opened at the end of last week’s episode and discovered pictures of Bay from the time she was a little girl. Tonight, she faced Regina and made her tell the truth, but Kathryn came over before they really had the chance to talk, and then Daphne had to go to school, so the conversation was put on hold. When Daphne got to school, she ran into Wilke and asked him to take her for a drive to her old neighborhood. They spent the day together, and she got drunk. She had Emmett take her back to his place. He had been with Bay for the Lea Thompson by Gregg Bond (2008)day, who did not yet know what was going on.

What Bay did know was that Emmett seemed to have a crush on Daphne, judging by the amount of pictures he had of her in his room. It assured her they were just good friends, and he always had pictures of her up. They talked for a while, and he continued to teach her to sign. She asked him why he didn’t talk, saying it would be easier if he could while she was still learning. He tried to explain that he just didn’t, and she accepted it. But is there something more to it? It almost seems like there’s history there. And is it possible that he really does have a crush on Daphne that he transferred to Bay? Hmm… Things are going to get more complicated now that he knows Regina’s secret. Daphne told him when he picked her up, and she begged him not to say anything.

But Bay figured something was going on when she saw Regina leaving with the guitar case. When she asked her about it, Regina said she was selling it; it was time to get rid of it, and put the past behind her. But Bay knew something was up and kept texting Daphne to tell her what she found in the case. Daphne ignored the texts but kept feeling more upset about the whole situation.

Things got worse when Kathryn and John went to the deposition for their case against the hospital. The hospital’s lawyer showed them a document of a DNA test dated twelve years ago. They discovered Regina had Daphne’s DNA tested when she was a little girl and has known the truth all along. When they got home, the whole truth finally came out.

Regina told everyone about the time when Daphne had meningitis; how sick she was, all of the lab work that was done, and that Daphne’s father took a DNA sample to be tested with his. He suspected from the beginning that she wasn’t his daughter and was convinced Regina cheated on her. When he showed her the proof, she didn’t believe it and had the test redone. That’s when she discovered that Daphne wasn’t her daughter. But she had raised her and loves her as her own and didn’t want to lose her. So she never told anybody. She hired a private detective to find Bay and kept track of her over the years.

Needless to say, everyone was very upset over the news, especially Bay, who felt unwanted. She ran to Emmett, and he tried to comfort her. Daphne told Regina to stay away from her, and Regina left to stay with Melody for a while. She ran into Bay, who had just returned home, on her way out, but Bay just turned away from her.

Next week is the anticipated season finale of Switched at Birth at 9/8c on ABC Family. It’s part of ABC Family’s Campus Crush week and should be a highly emotional end to the first season of this great new show. Tune in to see how everyone will begin to deal with the emotional aspects of Regina’s long-kept secret.

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