‘Switched at Birth’ Season 1, Episode 24 – ‘The Intruder’ Recap

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Switched at Birth picks up right where the last episode left off with Regina (Constance Marie) and Angelo (Gilles Marini) married. No one knows. Not yet at any rate.

Bay (Vanessa Marano) is still pursuing her street art, and so she climbs a fence into a junk yard and is snapping a photo of an old school bus when she receives a text from Regina asking her to come home. Daphne (Katie Leclerc) is out with Emmett (Sean Berdy) discussing a horror film festival that’s coming to town. Not only does Daphne want to go, she wants to enter Dawn of the Deaf. They’re discussing that when Daphne gets that same text from Regina.

When Bay and Daphne get home, Regina tells everyone the news. Bay is super excited, and that’s about it. There isn’t a whole lot of joy. Daphne, John (D.W. Moffat), Kathryn (Lea Thompson) and Toby (Lucas Grabeel) are all stunned. Adrianna (Ivonne Coll) is clearly not happy.

At school, the fallout with Simone (Maiara Walsh) continues as Toby gets called over by a group of boys who are gathered around a laptop. They are laughing over a website “Slut of the Week,” Simone is the week’s honoree. The guys invite Toby to add his rating, but he tells them they’re being morons and walks away. They taunt him for still being hung up on her. He ignores them. Toby is a really good guy.

Regina and Angelo go to their immigration interview. They’re able to answer all the questions with no problem, but because Angelo has been looking for an apartment away from Regina and Daphne, they’re flagged for possible fraud and handed over to the fraud investigative unit. Meanwhile at the junkyard, Bay is working on her painting of a girl holding a tornado funnel in her hands when she gets called home.

Angelo has to move in with Regina and Daphne. No one is happy. Particularly not John and Kathryn. They argue. Bay and Daphne stumble onto the argument. Bay tries to sign it all to her, but Daphne gets fed up and yells at them to stop and reminds them that she cannot follow when they talk over each other. They apologize. She lays down the law. Angelo is moving into the guesthouse. As much as she might seem to be okay, she signs up for as many extra shifts as she can at work.

When Bay goes back she finds another artist, Medusa, finishing the painting with her own idea. Bay is furious, but what can she do?

Regina breaks the news to Patrick (Christopher Wiehl), and he leaves, hurt and angry.

Bay runs into Adrianna outside. She is not happy with her grandmother. Adrianna isn’t sorry for calling immigration. She’s only sorry that Daphne and she have such a terrible father. Bay cannot understand why Adrianna won’t give Angelo a chance. She points out that Regina changed. Adrianna tells her that some people never do.

Daphne asks Bay if it’s all right for Emmett to come over to work on the film. They have to make a trailer to submit their film to the festival. Bay agrees and tells her she won’t be home anyway. They put together a trailer, and it looks good. Daphne goes back to the guesthouse and tells Regina and Adrianna that she has to go to work. Of course she does since she’s signed up for a billion shifts.

Emmett runs into Toby as he’s leaving the house. It’s really awkward and tense. Emmett tries to apologize, but Toby blows a gasket and pushes Emmett. Emmett falls, which is when Bay comes along. She tries to call out to Toby but he’s not interested in talking it out. Emmett tells Bay he deserves this. Toby is so mad because he ran into Simone at school. She tried to thank him for sticking up for her, and to explain that she thought they were on a break. Kidding! No, she really told him that she thought they had broken up and that he wouldn’t care if she was with someone else. He didn’t want to hear it from her, and he’s furious with Emmett who was not only Bay’s boyfriend, but someone he considered a friend too.

Bay brings Toby to the junkyard to see the bus. He’s impressed. He points out that Medusa has left her a challenge on the other side.

Daphne cuts herself. Scuba (Manish Dayal) gives her a bandage and tells her that she should never take them from the first aid kit, and that she should bring her own because the kitchen will look down on her if they know that she bleeds.

At the restaurant, Daphne is growing more frustrated. She pushes a bin of dishes and knocks over two of them, breaking a ton of plates. Everyone turns to stare. She is mortified. She runs into the pantry and sobs. Chef (Justin Bruening) follows her in and is actually nice to her. He asks if she’s okay. She says things are difficult at home. She offers to pay for the dishes. He tells her not to worry, and tells her that she can call him Jeff when she’s sobbing. This turnaround seems out of nowhere after last week. Apparently, they’re really going there with them. Sigh. He tells her that maybe she should try and deal with everything at home.

Daphne realizes that the situation is crazy and that chef is right. When she gets home, she talks to Bay. She wants Bay to have the same opportunity to know her dad as she has had with John, but because of her own terrible history with Angelo abandoning her, she cannot feel comfortable living with him. Bay realizes that the situation is unfair and together they reach a decision.

Bay tells Regina, John and Kathryn that Angelo is moving into the house. They have to accept it.

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