‘Switched at Birth’ Season 1, Episode 25 ‘The Shock of Being Seen’ recap

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Switched at Birth has both girls playing with fire in this episode as Bay (Vanessa Marano) tries to get in with a group of taggers, and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) begins to have feelings for Chef Jeff (Justin Bruening). Fortunately, those feelings are not returned, but more on that later.

Bay is back at the junkyard working on the challenge Medusa (Tania Raymonde—if she looks familiar to you, you might know Raymonde as Alex on Lost) set for her when she hears something. If this were a horror film, Bay would be dead because, of course, she goes to investigate the noise. It’s Medusa and a group of boys. They’re working on a large piece. Bay introduces herself as Bay Vasquez. The boys want nothing to do with Bay. They think she’s a princess. The boys aren’t impressed. Medusa tells her that they’re almost done, but she can help on something else later.

The next morning, the Kennishes get a call about Bay. She’s on academic probation. As school has only been in session a few weeks, that’s kind of impressive. Bay is put on lock down until she actually does some work. In a bratty reprisal, she asks Angelo (Gilles Marini) for help with French, saying that’s what dads are supposed to do, all the while looking at John (D. W. Moffat). John looks kind of crushed.

Angelo steers Bay to doing her French paper on the French new wave cinema movement. She likes it a lot. She and Angelo are vegging on the sofa eating popcorn while watching a Truffaut film when John comes home. They invite him to join them, but he refuses, looking wistful.

While Bay is working on her paper, she gets a text from Medusa. She asks Angelo to cover for her, and when he reluctantly agrees, she tells John that they are going to go to a French café. When she meets Medusa, she finds out that the guys want a entrance exam. She has to find a public space and tag it. And they don’t want to see tornadoes and the like.

It must take a while because she is way late meeting Angelo, and he’s forced to out her to John. John is furious, and tells Angelo that he has to be a dad to Bay, not a friend. When Bay finally gets home, the dads are waiting. They’re both disappointed, and John tells her that Angelo deserves better than to be treated like an alibi.

The next morning, John gets called down to the car wash. Bay tags along so she can tell him about her paper. If there was any doubt that Bay is the reason John had to go to the car wash. Someone (Bay) tagged the car wash with a painting of a girl, who looks exactly like Bay, tagging the wall. John is furious and goes on a rant about the graffiti. He’s not a fan. It’s Bay’s turn to be crushed.

Daphne helps Bay with trig. She must have a knack for teaching because Bay seems to get it and in gratitude lends Daphne a shirt that she wants to wear to work. It’s completely sheer and way more risqué than anything Daphne normally wears. Regina (Constance Marie) is not thrilled. Daphne has a reason for wanting to wear the top to work.

Daphne has managed to bring Chef around. Enough so that when she accidentally drops some cupcakes, he trusts her to fix the icing and then teases her that being a vegetarian is a bigger problem than being deaf. If there was any question as to whether she was crushing on Chef, there isn’t now.

For a little while, it seemed like maybe Daphne liked Scuba (Manish Dayal), which at least would have been a bit more age appropriate. Kathryn (Lea Thompson), Regina, and Melody (Marlee Matlin) have dinner at Maise after Kathryn and Regina have a TV interview. Kathryn is disappointed when the interviewer (Victoria Platt) spends the whole time fawning over Regina and dismisses Kathryn as a rich woman who had so many nannies that she didn’t realize the switch.

Chef seats the ladies and personally serves them. Melody is clearly impressed, while Kathryn seems intent on getting drunk. Chef asks Daphne to stay to help for brunch prep. She does, and he promotes her to the salad station. When he goes to get a bottle of wine, she primps and grabs some wine glasses. Only when Chef comes back with the wine, he leaves. Daphne is mortified. The wine was not for her. Nope. It was for Melody. He spends the night with her and just misses meeting Emmett (Sean Berdy).

Oh, and Kathryn realizes who alerted Angelo to the switch when Regina takes her to the maternity ward to look at the babies and realize that they all kind of look the same so she should forgive herself. When they were leaving, they ran into a nurse. At home, Kathryn goes through Angelo’s storage (without asking) and finds photos of Angelo and the nurse. She calls Craig (Sam Page) with the news as the episode ends.

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