‘Switched at Birth’ Season Finale Recap

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A surprise visitor, a revelation, and a heart-wrenching moment gripped viewers in the season finale of Switched at Birth.

In the wake of Daphne’s announcement to Bay that she was falling for Emmett, some serious decisions needed to be made. Bay kept this bit of news from Emmett, as well as not yet telling Daphne about her and Emmett seeing each other. So when Daphne saw pictures of Bay all over Emmett’s wall, she got the idea. Emmett couldn’t understand why Daphne was so upset about it, after revealing to her that they were seeing each other, until later she finally confessed that she liked him—to which he responded, quite angrily, that her timing sucked. Why couldn’t she have figured it out years ago while he was pining for her, during which Lea Thompson by Gregg Bond (2008)time he had to listen to her gripe about other guys? Now that he was with Bay, she decides she finally likes him? Not fair!

But Daphne is not giving up, as she told Bay at the end of the episode, “I gave up Liam for you. I won’t give up Emmett.” And just when Bay thinks Emmett still has feelings for Daphne, and is ready to let him go, he shocked her, and viewers, by telling her that he loved her. He used his voice! It was one of the most breathtaking moments of the season.

But nothing took anyone’s breath away more than the arrival of Angelo out of the blue. Apparently, a friend showed him the article about the girls being switched at birth, and he decided to come back to town to meet Bay. He showed up at an art show at her school and told her who he was. He hadn’t even bothered to tell Regina he was in town or contact Bay’s parents first. He just showed up and told Bay who he was.

Bay was, understandably, in total shock. But she didn’t want to turn her father away. She agreed to meet him for lunch the next day without telling anyone. After her meeting, she decided to bring him home. Her parents were furious. They had met him at the art show too, but he told them he was the father of another student and was just admiring Bay’s work. But nothing could compare to Daphne’s reaction when she walked in and Bay signed the word “father” while pointing to Angelo. She told him everything she had to say to him, which he responded to; only afterwards, he added “you probably have no idea what I just said.” She responded, “you’re right, I don’t.”

Later on, Regina learned he was back in town and went to Daphne. They talked about him, and Daphne said she did not want to see him again. Angelo sought Regina out and apologized for all that had happened. He felt that the mix-up at the hospital cost the three of them their life together, and he wanted to start over. Talk about nerve! But he also mentioned that she never responded to his plea to see Daphne again a few years after he left. Is she still keeping secrets? And is he for real or just looking for a payout from the hospital? He came forward with an affidavit from a nurse who said she worked 24 hours past her duty in the nursery where the girls were switched. Is this a trick, or is there real proof that the hospital was completely liable for the switch?

So many new questions, so many answers viewers have to wait for. ABC Family says all-new episodes of Switched at Birth are “coming soon.” Be on the lookout for an all-new season, where hopefully some of your questions will be answered.

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