Sydney Spies Fights for More Publicity; Do Any of You Care?

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Sydney Spies is in the headlines again and this time she’s further proving that a little publicity goes a long, albeit temporary, way. She willfully chose several over sexed photos of herself for her senior photo in the Durango High School yearbook, but all of them have been rejected. Now, the yearbook committee has decided to use her school I.D. photo — ouch!

Even though Sydney Spies got her desired outcome and has been flying back and forth from New York (undoubtedly in talks regarding modeling jobs and the sort), she still wants to fight the school’s decision.

Boo hoo!

She and her mother, a watered-down country version of Kris Jenner, are now taking their fight to the school board. How unfair it must be that her daughter isn’t allowed to include stripper shots in a high school yearbook. The rules plainly state that the photos chosen cannot violate school dress code — and all of hers have done just that. Why is she even fighting this anymore?

Maybe because she loves this attention? This source points out that without Durango High School and the yearbook committee’s decisions, she’d not be getting this small taste of fame. However, this is just starting to get pathetic. Perhaps it is time for her to just be happy that she got noticed by some agents and other interested individuals. Otherwise, she’d be dancing in Denver before she’s 25.

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