Sydney Spies Sexy Yearbook Photos Rejected; School Chooses her Photo

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Sydney Spies found herself in news headlines recently over Durango High School rejecting her over-sexy photo choices. Now there is an update in this story, but it appears that it’s not one with a positive ending for the 18-year-old high school senior. Nonetheless, the school deserves support for their decision to not allow this attention-seeking vixen to select her own photo.

Is $900 Trillion Suit Against NYC Clever? Will Fausat Ogunbayo Get her Children?The truth is, Sydney Spies is an attractive girl with a promising life ahead of her. She’s an aspiring model (like many girls) and she has big dreams. However, there is no reason for her to violate the dress code of Durango High School as a means to try to improve her chances of having that modeling career. She wants to include her very provocative portfolio shots as her senior photos, which is really kind of corny. She should really just respect the decision of the school and move on to better things!

The issue of “freedom of expression” becomes an argument in this, as some may feel that the school is infringing on her rights. However, it’s already known that public schools do have the right to limit expression for safety and decency. Even though Miss Spies is 18 years old, the other students in this establishment range from the ages of 13 and up, and perhaps even younger if the school has a GATE program. With that many youngsters and hormones involved, is it really reasonable to allow a single student to lend to a disruption like this?

As it turns out, the Durango High School has decided to choose Spies’ photo for her, declining her the privilege of choosing her photo. They’ve made this decision because each time she submitted a new photo, it was just as provocative as the last. They’ve made the right decision by putting an end to this disruptive behavior.

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