Sydney Spies Yearbook Photo is Too Sexy

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Sydney Spies is an 18-year-old senior at Durango High School in Colorado. The young woman just recently hit media headlines all over the nation over her very unconventional yearbook photo. At Durango High School, seniors are allowed to choose their yearbook photo, as a tradition that some other schools share in to an extent. However, this young woman’s stunt might just change that tradition or at the least open up a new one that might tarnish the reputation of Durango High.

Banned: Sydney says her school refused to print this photo because of her attireSydney Spies says that the photo “captures her true personality,” (whatever that means) and that it’s a violation of her freedom of expression for the high school to pull her photo from the school yearbook. Nonetheless, the yearbook editors and the high school agree that the photo is not only inappropriate but it could “diminish the quality” of the award-winning yearbook.

And they’re absolutely correct. The photo is one you would see in the first page or two of a Playboy spread before things get interesting (think Lindsay Lohan before the weird Photoshopped frontal shots). Sydney is wearing a fluttery skirt, which itself isn’t very short but of a sheer material that threatens to blow up at the slightest breeze. That isn’t the part that draws to attention an inappropriate photo for a yearbook, however. From the waist up, the high school senior is pretty near topless, wearing nothing more than a black scarf that’s been tied around her bosom.

Is Sydney Spies in the right or is the Durango High School?

Although Sydney is an 18-year-old woman and has every right to freely express herself as a stripper, Hooters girl, or whatever career choices there are lined up for her, this is still a high school. It is a public education facility for students who are generally under the age of 18 years old. While there is no nudity in her photo, it’s quite obvious that the clothing worn in the photograph violates most public school dress codes. So maybe, at the least, the school can fall back on that for a reason when she and her family push to have it kept in the book. For now, it’s being removed.

What’s silly about this whole thing is the spectacle she and her family are making of this. This may not have made it to headlines had she and her mother not kicked up such a stink. Can you say publicity stunt? She is an aspiring “dancer and model” who loves photography, so maybe she’s trying to be the next Courtney Stodden. In fact, she’s just a couple of tanning-bed sessions and a 50-something-year-old husband away from Courtney Stodden status. Good for her. Dreams do come true.

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