Sylvester Stallone movie “The Expendables”

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Stallone was in San Diego this week at Comic-Con International to promote his film “The Expendables,” due in theaters next month.

The movie is a low-tech return to the sort of commando movies that were popular during the 80s. “The Expendables” is the story of an army of new friends and old rivals in a battle-zone fantasy. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger appear in the film along with Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts, British tough-guy Jason Statham and Chinese superstar Jet Li.

There’s also a former NFL player (Terry Crews), a pro wrestling icon (Steve Austin), an Ultimate Fighting Championship star (Randy Couture) and Dolph Lundgren, who Stallone enjoyed punching back day as “Rocky IV.”

Stallone plays Barney “The Schizo” Ross, a mercenary who has assembled a team of paid killers. Statham plays Schizo’s second-in-command, Lee Christmas. A mission takes the team to South America where nasty surprises await. Rourke plays a tattoo artist and sometime spiritual advisor; Roberts is the bad guy.

For more information on the movie, see the link at Kansas City:

Sylvester Stallone movie “The Expendables”

This sounds like a great retro return to the best movies made: those made during the testosterone laden era of the 80s. I love the cast of characters; Stallone has some great talent coming on board for the film. But where is Van Damme? Too busy with his own acting career?

I plan to see this one.


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